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Hello everyone! We have a skin change, with the new (as well as old) skin made by my wonderful friend Wonder. Isn't it beautiful? There is a new update regarding it and some changes here, so please make sure you check that out in the next few days!
We are a literate, afterlife RPG based in Hell. Heavily influenced by the social classes and hierarchy of the sins, Gehenna is a bustling place run by Sin and his seven Sin Princes. Marked by a twisted chain of command and fueled by the fear of a worse eternal damnation than Hell itself, entities try to make the best of what they have in Gehenna. Forced to live under the sin that most heavily influenced their life on Earth, they are now damned to suffer their sins for the rest of eternity.

Please register your character's name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS
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No New Posts The Basics
Anything and everything you need to know about Gehenna is located in this board. It's required that everyone read through the threads in here and educate themselves prior to joining. Questions can be directed here.
7 0 Dec 8 2013, 10:32 PM
In: The Timeline
No New Posts The Updates
Any updates, announcements, or otherwise important pieces of information can be located in this board. It's suggested that you check this board whenever you log in to make sure you're not missing exciting events or additions to the site!
6 15 Mar 10 2014, 10:52 PM
In: Canon Position Try-Outs

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No New Posts Applying
After reading all of the necessary information, please fill out your application and post it here. Make sure to use the provided template.
14 11 Apr 6 2014, 08:27 PM
In: The Notification Center
No New Posts Accepted
All accepted applications will be placed here after being looked over. It is categorized according to sin, with the Sin Prince's application being pinned at the top of the board. Under the circumstance that you would like to edit something on your character's application, please contact a staff member. Additionally, please remember to not post anywhere in character until your character has been accepted and their application has been moved within this board.
Subforums: Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Wrath, Demons

25 37 Mar 11 2014, 04:11 PM
No New Posts Claiming
All claims will be located within this board. Please make sure you update your own after having a character accepted, or you run the risk of losing it! We ask that you post here and situate your claims before posting anywhere in character to make sure it gets done.
4 1 Dec 7 2013, 07:49 PM
In: The Occupation Claims
No New Posts Plotting
Any sort of plotting should be done within this board. Feel free to post your own plot page, as well as browse other characters'. The more IC drama, the better! (Note: This should only be done after all claims are finished.)
Subforums: Character Plots, Wanted Advertisements

29 51 Mar 12 2014, 05:42 PM
In: Iron Pride
No New Posts Journals
Journals are everything and anything but - all extras can be kept in a member's journal and be organized to their liking. Common things to post within your journal include, but are not limited to thread trackers, actual journals, and notes. Feel free to spiffy it up and make it your own! In the case that you do not have your own journal, but would like one, please post in the thread within the board.
Subforums: Naomi's Journal, Ari's Journal, MangaEngel's Journal, Kai's Journal, Leo's Journal, Chai's Journal, Goss' Journal, Fox's Journal

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By: ovemanol

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No New Posts The Upper City of Gehenna
Located in the very heart of Gehenna is what is considered the "Upper City". It contains what most people rumor to be Sin's quarters, as well as an area for all of the Seven Princes to congregate when something important regarding Hell has occurred. Any entity or demon that has passed through the well-guarded doors can vouch for the luxurious placement and decoration of the Upper City of Gehenna. A large, beautiful fountain is placed directly in the center, spouting brilliant blue water into the air that showers just a bit out of range of the basin. Most of the individuals that are blessed to wander the contents of this small area learn to avoid the fountain's range. Rising higher than any of the other buildings in Gehenna, the architecture in the Upper City is breath-taking, with low eaves and high roofs, accentuating the wealth that the higher class demons have obtained.
Subforums: The Housing District, Acropolis of Sin, The Royal Citadel, The Seventh Circle

2 10 Feb 26 2014, 12:16 AM
In: let us sin today
No New Posts The Lower City of Gehenna
The lower city of Gehenna is the commonplace for all citizens of Gehenna. It is where it is most acceptable for entities and demons to mingle, as not one single sin rules over the rest here. The marketplace is located within the lower city of Gehenna, and many small businesses thrive downtown. If an individual is looking for something in particular, they'd be best off checking within the lower confines of Gehenna before anywhere else.
Subforums: The Asthenes Slums, The Epikindynos Casino, The Streets, The Center of the City

22 138 Mar 11 2014, 11:57 AM
In: Mini Site Event 001 - Group 01

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No New Posts Envy's Gate
Beings that have just made the transition from the past world may recognize Leviathan's quarter immediately: It's almost identical to Earth upon first glance. The streets are lined with shops filled with goods, furniture, or appetizing foods. Soft green hills rise and drop around the inner sphere, putting most entities at ease. But not everything is as it seems, and appearances are deceiving. Residents of Leviathan's land are constantly seething, silently plotting against each other in a quiet rage that may never be sated. Not all possessions are equal, and that is the basis for all wars fought. Individuals just visiting are advised not to leave anything here... you will never see it again.
Subforums: Castle of Leviathan, Geryon's Burrow, The Lamentationriver Kokytos, The Cave of Storage, The Invidias Eye, The Housing District

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No New Posts Gluttony's Gate
The entrance of Beelzebub's dominion appears differently to all creatures. Most entities, if not immensely influenced by gluttony during their time on Earth will see "a land of milk and honey". Others may see a sight less than appetizing... This sphere is a literal dog eat dog world, and if you're not careful, you'll be eaten, too.
Subforums: The Acropolis of Beelzebub, Cerberus' Sanctum, The Honeyriver Canaan, The Decaying Orchard, The Hall of Gluttons, The Housing District

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No New Posts Greed's Gate
The gate of Mammon's territory arches high above the land, an elaborate metal that looks quite similar to gold inscribed with what appears to be rubies. Passing through the fancy entrance reveals that everything else under Mammon's control is elaborate as well - the grass, lined with emeralds, pulls away from the sidewalk; the water, sporting small sapphire stones that float lazily along with its current. All is not as if seems here, though, with constant arguments breaking out over the possession of the rivers, the stones, the land itself.
Subforums: Acropolis of Mammon, The Darkriver Acheron, The Bisque Mountain, Plutus' Lair, The Wheel of Wealth, The Housing District

1 5 Feb 16 2014, 10:57 PM
In: playing with fire
No New Posts Lust's Gate
It's hard to peer within Asmodeus' land, especially for visitors. It's dark, although a comforting aura seeps from the gates and coaxes strangers within. The entire territory appears to be covered in soft satin and pillows, as if all under Asmodeus' control is a gigantic bed. It is commonly mistaken for Belphegor's domain, for the sight of entities sleeping everywhere is quite confusing. Some entities may look around for more telltale attributes of the Sloth territory, but soon, they discover something quite disturbing. The sounds a visitor hears is not soft mumbling and snores... rising from the depths of the expanse is something a bit more appropriate for Asmodeus' kingdom.
Subforums: Acropolis of Asmodeus, Peitho's Hideaway, The Oblivionriver Lethe, The Carnal Tower, Lilith's Tree of Lustful Shades, The Housing District

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No New Posts Pride's Gate
Past the gates, Lucifer's land may confuse visitors, often encouraging them to leave. The entire expanse is paved with mirrors: the ground, the walls, the ceilings of buildings, everything. Reflections are quite common here, and residents can often be seen gazing at themselves in the mirror, infatuated with themselves, for decades. They become crazed with the idea of loving themselves, often forgetting time and the needs their bodies require. Being distracted for so long can be dangerous... sharp edges of the mirrors peek out from various corners, often catching residents - but they've become so taken with themselves that they don't realize it.
Subforums: Acropolis of Lucifer, Narcissus' Retreat, The Reflectionriver Cephissus, The Tower of Babel, The Hall of Glass Coffins, The Housing District

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No New Posts Sloth's Gate
Belphegor's domain is actually quite beautiful. The meadows are wide, dotted with various kinds of flowers in small patches, cuddling for warmth when the wind dips over the land, and the sun seems to always cast a mediocre warmth. Unfortunately, first looks are not always correct. Anyone stepping within the welcoming meadows feels the sudden urge to lie down, for their energy and motivation seeps from their pores with each step. Their bodies refuse to move, risking their flesh burning from the constant warmth of the sun. Some are lucky enough to pull themselves up and wander farther from the meadow, where the houses lay, but even then, their motivation, or lack thereof, causes them to be less than willing to interact amongst themselves.
Subforums: Acropolis of Belphegor, Hypnos' Refuge, The Icelake Cocytus, The Enigmatic Fields, Oneiroi's Hall of Sleep, The Housing District

1 5 Mar 10 2014, 10:13 PM
In: a strange reflection [c]
No New Posts Wrath's Gate
The territory falling under Satan's reign possesses rivers flowing with blood. There is a constant breeze flowing through the leaves of the dark trees, as if they're whispering rumors about every being that passes through Wrath's Gates. Their roots seem to reach toward by-passers, arching high above the ground and dipping low beneath the surface of the soil. Entities of opposing sins should be wary of entering this terrain, for grudges are common, and forgiveness is rare and far between.
Subforums: The Acropolis of Satan, The Bloodriver Phlegethon, The Suicides Copse, The Scorching Sands, The Housing District, The Minotaur Den

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No New Posts The City Limits
The city limits span just outside each of the territories of Sin's Seven Sin Princes. There is much rumble from what one can only assume was part of the city at one point, overrun by a weak meadow that has persisted for years. Many of the younger residents of Gehenna like to come here to play hide and seek among the debris, hiding beneath and among the large stones that lay in wait just outside the city of Gehenna. Faction meetings are often held here, believed to be no eavesdropping ears as the land belongs to none of the sins more than all the rest. Some outcrops of stone are used as platforms for children and faction leaders alike.
2 8 Mar 9 2014, 11:27 PM
In: the ins and outs of hell [c]

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No New Posts Alternative Universes
Sometimes plots you want to play out don't really work under the general setting of Gehenna - that would be when this board comes handy! If you want to play something in your character's past (while they were still alive on Earth, even), future, or just want to play something in a different atmosphere, you can do so here!
1 10 Mar 13 2014, 03:13 PM
In: checkmate [ c ]
No New Posts Guest Center
Advertisements and affiliating requests, as well as questions, comments, and concerns can be located here. The entire board is guest friendly.
Subforums: Advertisements, Affiliations, Questions

460 86 Apr 30 2015, 05:04 PM
In: Stormcrown
By: Padomay
No New Posts OOC Center
The OOC Center is for basically everything OOC concerning the members of Gehenna. Games to pass the time, showcases for their work, as well as introductions are located here. General conversations can be held here as well.
Subforums: Conversations, Games, Showcase, Critiques & Tutorials

17 175 Mar 12 2014, 03:00 PM
In: let's count
No New Posts Archives
All dropped/completed/otherwise unneeded threads will be located here after their time is over. It is essentially the thread graveyard (ha ha).
Subforums: Completed/Dropped Threads, Character Extras, Completed Contests

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In: in nirvana [ c ]

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